Tiny Houses

In our current society, everyone places too much value on their personal belongings. We build bigger houses to fit all of our stuff into and we are using energy to heat and cool those posessions. When you pare down what you need down to the bare essentials for daily life and then design your home for only daily life, then what you find is that you need a lot less space.

There are several benefits to living smaller.

  • Home costs much less so you can pay it back in a resonable amount of time.
  • Energy costs are drastically reduced or eliminated.
  • The finishes in your home could be of a lot higher quality.
  • You wouldn’t have to dread moving day.
  • When your expenses are reduced, your house and therefore your job wouldn’t have to tie you down.
  • You could afford to rent larger spaces when having a party or have it outside.
  • Connection with the natural environment is enhanced.
  • Impact on the planet is reduced.

There are a lot more benefits, just ask any 19th century Transcendentalist, early 20th century Arts & Crafts designer, or Tumbleweed Tiny Houses; they all say it better than I.


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