Green Building Material: Eco-bond Adhesives

In the quest for more sustainable and healthier materials for renovating my own home, I have stumbled upon this gem: Eco-bond Adhesives: Zero-VOC adhesive/sealant/caulk.

Caulk and adhesives are usually chock full of nasty, toxic ingredients that smell terrible and make you light headed while appling them, which is only the beginning of the trouble. The off-gassing can take weeks to get to a point where it isn’t noticable by your nose, but how long will it take for the caulk/glue/sealant to finally be benevolent? Possibly never. I haven’t done scientific testing pitting eco-bond against its gassy competitors in areas like longevity, elasticity, or water tightness. I have used both in my home and it performs the same or better than the conventional alternatives. Support companies who do the right thing instead of the cheapest/dirtiest thing and you’ll have a healthier home at the same time!


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