Greater Stonehenge Ecovillage: Part 2

Just over a month ago the first of the new site plans for the Greater Stonehenge Ecovillage were released and since then the interest in the project has multiplied. A lot of great people interested in the project, the Virginia Department of Transportation and Albemarle County have given us a lot to think about and a lot of stellar ideas for how to make it better. We have tried our best to show what we’ve learned in this new site plan. If you have any ideas about how to make it even better, please share!

Located just outside the city limits of Charlottesville lies a six acre parcel of land next to the aging Stonehenge Neighborhood; its gentle south-facing slope and existing structures make it the perfect place for something quite a bit different from a typical subdivision: The Greater Stonehenge Ecovillage. Please check out the newest plan, and tell us what you think!

See the details here on The Housing Lab or The Greater Stonehenge Website

480rio_Siteplan-Rev2-Brochure_small 480rio_Siteplan-Rev2-Brochure_small(COL)

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