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Local Charlottesville Green Resource: Better World Betty

Better World Betty is a local grassroots organization dedicated to empowering people and business with the tools they need to be sustainable. They have really helpful information about how to recycle tricky items, find greener options, and make your everyday life more earth friendly. They also keep tabs on everything effecting the environment in the Charlottesville area and can answer any green questions that you may have!


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The Housing Lab Facebook Group

The Housing Lab Facebook Group

Join the heart and soul of The Housing Lab; the facebook group! It seems that in this day and age, a traditional website is really just an archive of the lively discussions on social media. So join today!


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Welcome everyone to the Housing Lab! It’s time to think about homes differently; Let’s get the conversation started!
Post anything you’d like: Thoughts about alternative energy, alternative housing, great local events, hikes, or talks, links to inspirational websites, philosophies, ideas for the future, etc. You can post here, or post on the facebook group

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