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Solar Panel Orientation

The more research you do into renewable resources, the more you realize that matching demand for power to the renewable supply is the trickiest part. According to this study, for people that are away at work in the middle of the day, it makes more sense to point solar panels south-west instead of directly south. Makes sense right? Well, yes and no. If you aren’t attached to the grid, or your power company doesn’t allow net-metering and you work all day then yes, this makes perfect sense, why not make the power when you’re using it. If you have net-metering from your power company, why not produce the most power and use the grid as your battery; then due south is still the way to go.


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Solar Powered Portable Stove

The gosun stove is the best thought out simple solar food cooker I’ve seen! It looks like this is going to be a reality soon as they got 5 times the funding they were looking for to get it started. Campouts, tailgates, off the grid parties, third world countries and greenies everywhere will love this.


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Hobbitat Tiny Homes

With the same passions and roots, but a bit more funky than Tumbleweed’s houses; Hobbitat has plenty of creativity to go around. For some tiny inspiration, head over to their website


Think Big, Live Small

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Off the Grid Villages

A Post Consumer Society? Off the grid villages? Getting tired of the rat race? Check out this article on Mother Nature Network


Henry David Thoreau called: he wants his house back
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A Physical “Housing Lab”

There are varying degrees of low impact living. Every person has a different idea of what comfort is and what she can live without. What if there was a community where you could try out varying levels of low impact living in order to decide which was right for you? What if this community also had a shared building with a workshop, gathering space, laundry, and guestrooms for family or residents on the journey to intentional, low impact living? Check out this concept for a physical Housing Lab


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