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Four Lights Tiny House Company

Jay Shafer is at it again; one of the visionaries behind the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company is out with a brand new spin-off: Four Lights Tiny House Company. Running in the same vein as Tumbleweed, but expanding on the idea, literally. A few of the new designs utilize the full width allowed on the road allowing for a lot more space. This is less portable (you need a professional driver) but far more livable for two people.


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Timber Towers

Have you ever wondered why skyscrapers  sway back and forth in the wind yet are made of steel and concrete? You aren’t alone. Several people are taking the idea very seriously, most notably Micheal Green, who wrote an open source guide for us about how it can be done!

tall-wood-skyscraper-by-michael-green-537x442 (1)

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Charlottesville Lunch Today: Learn About Building Resiliently

Don’t forget to join us today at the James River Green Building Council luncheon on Tuesday, June 11th 12:00 — 1:00pm to learn about how to make our built environments more resilient!


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Design Tool: 2030 Palette

Architecture 2030 is a team of non-profit crusaders that want to radically transform the way that structures are built and how they interact with the environment. The 2030 Challenge is much like the EPA’s very successful CFC reduction program that let the Ozone Hole repair itself. Instead of CFCs, this challenge is to phase out the use of fossil fuels in buildings by the year 2030.

Not to leave everyone hanging wondering how to accomplish this goal; they are developing a great free resource of information on how to build carbon neutral and resilient structures and plan resilient communities which is called the 2030 Palette. The website is complete with pictures, descriptions and rules of thumb for many concepts vital to low impact built environments. Check out this fantastic tool for Architects, Engineers, Owners and people who want to learn more about how our buildings interact with the environment.


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Late Lunch and Learn on the Web: Big Ideas in Small Spaces

Inhabitat, Ford, and the Chicago Architecture Foundation are hosing a live webcast with leading automotive designers and architects to talk about how to make functional and comfortable rooms out of tiny spaces. It will be interesting to see how the seemingly very different worlds of cars and buildings can provide much insight to each other. The Webcast Starts Thursday, June 6th at 12:30PM CDT (1:30 PM EST)

Chicago-Ford_Top Right Image (1)

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Lunch and Learn: Resilience By Design

Join us at the James River Green Building Council luncheon on Tuesday, June 11th 12:00 — 1:00pm to learn about how to make our built environments more resilient!


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Greater Stonehenge Ecovillage: Part 2

Just over a month ago the first of the new site plans for the Greater Stonehenge Ecovillage were released and since then the interest in the project has multiplied. A lot of great people interested in the project, the Virginia Department of Transportation and Albemarle County have given us a lot to think about and a lot of stellar ideas for how to make it better. We have tried our best to show what we’ve learned in this new site plan. If you have any ideas about how to make it even better, please share!

Located just outside the city limits of Charlottesville lies a six acre parcel of land next to the aging Stonehenge Neighborhood; its gentle south-facing slope and existing structures make it the perfect place for something quite a bit different from a typical subdivision: The Greater Stonehenge Ecovillage. Please check out the newest plan, and tell us what you think!

See the details here on The Housing Lab or The Greater Stonehenge Website

480rio_Siteplan-Rev2-Brochure_small 480rio_Siteplan-Rev2-Brochure_small(COL)

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Wild Treehouses in Oregon

Robert Harvey Oshatz designs some wild residences, and these two treehouses in Oregon are just too awesome not to share!

Elk Rock Road Residence

Wilkinson Residence

elkrock Audiophile Treehouse

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Hobbitat Tiny Homes

With the same passions and roots, but a bit more funky than Tumbleweed’s houses; Hobbitat has plenty of creativity to go around. For some tiny inspiration, head over to their website


Think Big, Live Small

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Tiny Houses

In our current society, everyone places too much value on their personal belongings. We build bigger houses to fit all of our stuff into and we are using energy to heat and cool those posessions. When you pare down what you need down to the bare essentials for daily life and then design your home for only daily life, then what you find is that you need a lot less space.

There are several benefits to living smaller.

  • Home costs much less so you can pay it back in a resonable amount of time.
  • Energy costs are drastically reduced or eliminated.
  • The finishes in your home could be of a lot higher quality.
  • You wouldn’t have to dread moving day.
  • When your expenses are reduced, your house and therefore your job wouldn’t have to tie you down.
  • You could afford to rent larger spaces when having a party or have it outside.
  • Connection with the natural environment is enhanced.
  • Impact on the planet is reduced.

There are a lot more benefits, just ask any 19th century Transcendentalist, early 20th century Arts & Crafts designer, or Tumbleweed Tiny Houses; they all say it better than I.


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